Loss or accidental deletion of data is often a serious problem, which can result in loss of important data or information.

You don't have to worry about the cause of data corruption or loss. Just let us know you would like to recover your data and we’ll do the rest.

In our day-to-day work, we use the experience that we successively gain during cooperation with state institutions and companies in various industry sectors.

We guarantee full confidentiality of the processed information throughout the whole process - data recovery, examination, analysis or transcripts of recordings used as evidence.

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How it works

How does our data recovery process look like? The proposed model of cooperation as part of the OS RECOVERY can be described in a few words: we pick up - we recover - we send back. The courier picks up the mobile device, delivers it to us, and after recovering the data, we send it back to a place chosen by you.

We keep the whole process of ordering, performing the work and dispatching the results as short as possible. You fill out the order form below and transfer the agreed amount, and we do the rest.

We always make every effort to obtain the best result of the service provided. The effectiveness of data recovery depends on many factors that are often beyond our control. Full data recovery is not possible in some cases.

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    A phone in working order and known security code: PLN 690.00Broken phone or unknown security code: PLN 1130.00

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    Expertise for the purposes of a court trial or preparatory proceedings: PLN 700.00

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